Tree Prices

There are no extra charges for shaking & baling trees, for hayrides, for hot chocolate, or for fun!  

This is all included in the price of your tree.

We accept cash, checks, and  all major credit cards. 

2017 tree & wreath prices will be posted in November, 2017

HA Pines.jpg

Choose & Cut Virginia Pines, Leyland Cypress, Murray Cypress, and Arizona Cypress


Do not cut trees less than 5 ft. tall.   Trees less than 5' tall will be charged at the 5' price.

  • 5 ft.      prices will be posted in November 2017

  • 6 ft.       

  • 7 ft.        

  • 8 ft.        

  • 9 ft.       

  • 10 ft.     

  • 11 ft.     

  • 12 ft.     

  • 13 ft.     

  • 14 ft.     

  • 15 ft.     

  • 16 ft.     

Premium Fresh Cut Fraser Firs from N. Carolina

Shipped in refrigerated trucks and put in water on arrival at the farm.



6 ft       

7 ft       


9 ft       



Fraser Firs Hudler.jpg

2012-12-07 19.31.04.jpg

Fresh Fraser Fir Wreaths

  • Undecorated round wreaths   
  • Decorated round wreaths individually priced
  • Cross wreath with bow individually priced  


If you would like a wreath custom designed for you, or if you'd like us to make changes to a decorated wreath, please visit the wreath barn and place your order before heading out to the tree field.

Additional charges apply.

Greenery - $1 per branch (while supplies last)