Do you charge for admission?

No.   There is no charge for admission, but the Holiday Acres facilities are exclusively for the use of Christmas tree customers, paid field trip groups, and those with paid photo session reservations. Regretfully, we do not have enough parking space, enough restrooms, or enough hay wagons to accommodate other visitors.

Can we take our family photos at the farm?

If you would like to come out and take a few pics of the kids in the Christmas trees and are not purchasing a tree at the same time, you must reserve a photo session.  A $30/hour venue fee applies. Please see our 2018 Photo Sessions page for available dates and times.

Absolutely no photo sessions on Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend or Saturdays in December!

If you are purchasing a tree at the farm, you may take photos while you’re here, of course, but you may not bring a photographer, and you may not set up props.


Due to limited parking, limited number of hay wagons, limited restrooms, etc., Holiday Acres facilities are only for the use of Christmas tree customers, paid field trip groups, and those with paid photo session reservations. 


A camera and your family!  We provide saws, measuring sticks, and twine to tie the tree on your car.  Some people like to bring something like a garbage bag or a sheet to lie on while sawing the trunk of the tree.

How should we dress?

You'll want to wear closed toe shoes for sure, and probably long pants.  If it's been raining, it could be muddy out in the tree field, so keep that in mind.

Do you have plenty of trees?


Cutting is limited to trees 5 ft. and above.  There is a limited supply of trees 7 ft. and taller.  Check here for updates on tree supply in the field.  

You may also choose from a large selection of pre-cut premium Fraser fir trees from N. Carolina.

Do you have any 10 ft trees?

Very, very few.  Some of the really big trees have a nice shape up to a point, and then they bush out.  That's because they were too tall to reach with our trimming equipment.  If you cut down one of those trees, we'll be happy to trim the top up for you.  Since large trees are older trees, they sometimes have some bare branches at the bottom.  We can trim those off, too.

Can we still come if it's near closing time?

Yes, as long as you arrive no later than 5 p.m.  There is no lighting in the tree field, and if you arrive after that, you would likely not have time to get a tree picked out, cut down, transported, baled, and on your car before dark.

Do you have food available for purchase?

We have candy, snacks, soft drinks, and bottled water.  Feel free to bring marshmallows to roast over the campfire.  Roasting sticks are available for purchase.

Can we bring our own lunch?

Yes.  We have picnic tables and hope you will relax and enjoy your time here!

Can we bring our pets?

Dogs on a leash are welcome at the farm!  Please pick up any messes they create in the picnic and play areas.

Do you have Santa?

No, we don't.  We want our farm to have the atmosphere of a country Christmas and so we try to keep things simple.

If it's raining, will you be open?

Yes, we will always be here during our business hours (Th-F-Sat 9-5), but if there is lightning, we cannot allow customers to go out into the field.

How can we pay?

Cash, checks, and any credit card.  

Are there any extra charges?

No. Shaking and baling are provided at no charge.  Tree preservatives, biodegradable tree disposal bags, and tree stands are available for purchase.


Can we bring a group?


For information on group reservations, please see our Group Visits page for more info and email us at to make a reservation.  

Groups (including birthday parties, non-profit groups, or other organizations) cannot be accommodated on Saturdays.  We have a limited number of picnic tables and hay wagons, limited parking, and limited space in the play area.  

Entry onto the property is limited to Holiday Acres Christmas tree customers, reserved groups, and reserved photo session clients only.