Holiday Acres is closed for tree cutting for 2017.  We have a few 5' Douglas fir trees from Michigan remaining, and these are priced at $39.


2017 Tree Prices

At Holiday Acres, the price of your tree includes a fun time for your family at no additional charge.  We'll take you on a hayride to look for your tree,  treat you to a complimentary cup of hot chocolate or mulled cider, provide a cozy campfire for you to sit by and a fun natural playground for the kids.  We'll also shake the loose needles out of your tree, bale it in netting, and help you secure it to your car.   

This is all included in the price of your tree.

We accept cash, checks, and  all major credit cards. 

Tree prices are subject to change.  Please verify prices and availability here before coming out to the farm.


Holiday Acres is open Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays from 9-5

November 24th - December 15th


HA Pines.jpg

Choose & Cut Virginia Pines, Leyland Cypress, Murray Cypress, and Arizona Cypress


Do not cut trees smaller than 6 ft. tall.        Do not cut baby trees!

  • 6 ft.        $61

  • 7 ft.        $76

  • 8 ft.        $92 (limited availability)

  • 9 ft.       $105   (very limited availability)

  • 10 ft.     $120   (very limited availability)

  • 11 ft.     $132  (very limited availability)

Premium Fresh Cut Fraser Firs from N. Carolina and michigan

Shipped in refrigerated trucks and put in water on arrival at the farm.


5 ft       $39 ( a few remaining)

6 ft       

7 ft      


Fraser Firs Hudler.jpg

2012-12-07 19.31.04.jpg

Fresh Fraser Fir Wreaths

  • Fresh fir candle rings $15 (candle not included) - LED candles or candles in a glass chimney are recommended for use with fresh candle rings.
  • Centerpieces - $28

If you would like a wreath custom designed for you, or if you'd like us to make changes to a decorated wreath, please visit the wreath barn and place your order before heading out to the tree field.