Photo Session Questions


That date and time are either not available for booking (please see availability calendar), or all of the available slots for that appointment type have been taken.  For instance, there may be no half-day slots left, but there are still full-day or hourly openings.

I thought 2 hours was $60, but it says $20.  Which is it?

$20 is the deposit for the 2 sessions.  The balance is due 2 weeks prior to the session.  If you purchased a package for 2 hours, you should just apply the full amount of the package to your sessions.

What time does my Half-Day or Full-Day session end?

It depends.  Please see the availability calendar for available hours that day.

What is considered to be a "large prop"?

 it’s a large prop if you can’t carry it 1/4 - 1/2 mile or fit it on a wagon to pull. 

No vehicles will be allowed in the tree field to protect the safety of families walking out for their photo sessions.   

There will be a  tractor with hay wagon to transport photographers and clients to the areas of the field that would be a farther walk, but not for hauling props.

How can I reserve a time?

Go to the 2018 Photo Session Information page on our website . Read the info on the page. The calendar shows available dates and times. All the way at the bottom of the page, you can click on whatever session type you’re interested in, and it will walk you through the booking process.

Can my clients bring their dog?

Yes.  The dog must be leashed at the farm.  Family should be prepared to pick up any dog waste.

Can we do our photo session when we are at the farm to get our tree?

No, photo sessions are separate from tree sales.  You of course may take your own photos while you're at the farm getting a tree, but you must have a reservation to bring a photographer (amateur or professional) with you to do a family photo shoot.

How will my clients find me in the tree field?

The best way is to drop a pin after you have chosen your session location.  On Google Maps find the glowing blue dot that indicates where you are.  Press and hold the dot for a couple of seconds.  When you release, you'll see the words "Dropped Pin" at the bottom of the screen.  Touch the words "Dropped Pin".  Then click "Share".  You can share by text to your client's phone number. 

Is there another way for my clients to find me?

Notify the gate attendant of your location.  She will put a sticker on a large map of the farm and show that to your clients.

May I use confetti?

No, because it will be impossible to pick it up.

May I use canned snow on the trees?

Yes, you may!

May I cut down a baby tree to use in my photos?

All trees up to 5' tall are $47, baby trees included.  Please arrange in advance to pay for any tree that you wish to cut down.